When it comes down to it, the cool flashy work, the creative flare, and personal care that goes into each project doesn’t just come from a company, it comes from the people behind it all, they are the ones that make the difference.

Angela Damiano
Executive Producer / Founding Partner

With a background in customer service since 1978 and a founding partner of GCV, Angela brings her exceptional skills to each and every project. She works one on one with our clients to ensure that all details are considered from script to screen. Her ability to make everyone feel comfortable during the creative process makes her indispensable.

Rob Damiano
Creative Director / Founding Partner

With a love for creativity and technology, working in the video production field was a perfect career choice for Rob. Since 1998, he’s been honing his craft as a director, editor and designer. Rob guides the creative vibe of all work that comes out of GCV and ensures every project goes out with a personal touch.


Chris Damiano
Office Manager / Co-Owner

As a manager since 2005, Chris’s experiences have brought a more detail orientated structure to GCV’s everyday operations. Whether completing administration tasks, scheduling projects, or assisting on-location; Chris is always up for the challenge.

Kira Hands-Damiano
Marketing Director / Graphic Designer

With years of experience in the field both as a graphic designer and marketing coordinator, Kira brings her unique sense of design and style to GCV. Her professionalism and ability to take clients thoughts and ideas from comps to final product is what helps set GCV apart from the competition.


Brittany Beggs
Editor / Motion Graphic Designer

Becoming an addition to the GCV team in early 2015 shortly after graduating college Brittany exhibits a refreshing design sense and a desire to help her clients stand apart from the rest. Hard work and dedication to ones craft are important values to Brittany and at GCV she is happy to have found likeminded creative people.

Dennis Carey
Editor / Motion Graphic Designer

Dennis’s intrigue and aptitude towards the digital arts has lead him into the experienced yet supportive environment of GCV Productions. Here, he continues to develop his design and animation skills with the help of his co-workers in this productive and rewarding industry.


Angela Martorano
Editor / Motion Graphic Designer

Having a love for video editing from a young age, Angela is thrilled to be apart of a team that shares the same creative and entertaining ideas that she does. With the help and support from her co-workers at GCV, she continues to work hard and develop as an editor and designer.

Charlie Mills
Creative Copy Consultant

Charlie brings to GCV over 40 years of major market radio broadcasting, award-winning copywriting, commercial production and voiceover expertise. Charlie is committed to excellence, and dedicated to super-serving our clients to help them achieve the maximum benefits of their investment. Charlie’s passion for creating superior quality copy and commercial voiceovers is matched only by his goal of total and complete GCV client satisfaction.


Marlyn Damiano
Executive Administrative Assistant 

Having a college background in Business Administration and worked in Customer Service since 2002. Marlyn organizes, collaborates, manages, and follows up with internal business initiatives effectively and efficiently. Simply put, she makes things happen. Clients can expect the same level of service. She has an open curiosity for life, a thirst for knowledge, and an easy going attitude.

JoAnne Bilka
Book Keeper

Keeping focused and organized makes JoAnne a valuable person at GCV. With over 20 years in bookkeeping experience and a love for numbers, she helps keep the company running smoothly and efficiently. She might be behind the scenes but her work is felt throughout GCV.