Law Offices Hoffman • DiMuzio Testimonial


GCV Productions, LLC has recently completed our second full length commercial (30 seconds), of which we are most pleased.  My partner, Kenneth A. DiMuzio, Sr., and I found GCV Productions, LLC through one of the sales representatives at Comcast.  She spoke most favorably about the professionalism of your company and informed us about other commercials GCV had produced for firms and corporations throughout the South Jersey area.  Many of the businesses were well known to us, and we were most impressed by their well-produced commercials.  The services provided by GCV Productions, LLC could not have been better.

All communications are immediately responded to, and we are kept continuously  advised as to the status of the production itself.  I have found working with GCV Productions, LLC to be a most pleasant experience and, most importantly, Ken and I are most pleased with the end product, which is the commercial itself.

I believe it is noteworthy that we were most reluctant to have a TV commercial produced by GCV Productions, LLC and/or any other production company for that matter.  We often found  lawyers’ commercials to be somewhat seamy and less than professional in terms of tone, visuals and content.

The Comcast representative, as well as Angela and Rob, assured us that the commercial would be produced  in a very tasteful and professional way.  After meeting with Angela and Rob, Ken and I both determined that it was worth a shot.  We were pleased that GCV Productions, LLC captured the very essence of our firm and what we wanted to convey to the public in terms of our image.  Frankly, we could not be more satisfied!

What we also found to be quite amazing is that GCV Productions, LLC produces so many different commercials for various types of companies.  Clearly, there is an appreciation for the need to individualize each commercial to reflect exactly what the client wants to convey to the public-at-large.