Jaron’s Furniture Outlet Testimonial

• What is your company’s name, who are you and what is your role at the company?
Jarons Furniture Outlet, Greg Jaron, President

• How did you find our company?
It’s been so long who can remember, possibly through Comcast.

• What was the reason that you chose us?
Ability to work together and understand our advertising concept.

• How long have you done business with us?
At least 10 years.

• How many videos have we produced for you?
Hundreds and that’s no joke.

• Tell me what your experience has been with our services.
Overwhelmingly positive.

• Can you think of a word or phrase that best describes your relationship with us? Why that particular word or phrase?
Creative and caring.

• Would you recommend us to someone else and why?
Of course…Because of the great job you do.

• Do you feel there is one particular thing that makes our company stand out from our competitors?
Great understanding of our advertising concept and no pretension.