Fresh & Cool With Our Featured Video

Everyone loves Rita’s Water Ice and we certainly are no different. The opportunity to create a fresh and new video this spring has been a fun project. See what Michael DeLia, President of MAD Advertising had to say about working with us. Be sure to click below to view our featured video.

“If you are in the market to get a quality television commercial filmed, I would say you would have to look no farther than GCV Productions.  My name is Michael DeLia, I am president of MAD Advertising and I am handling the marketing and advertising for all of the local Rita’s Water Ice locations in the Philadelphia/New Jersey/ Delaware area. Rita’s is stepping out into some television advertising for the first time in many years this season.  We were looking for a commercial that was energetic, youthful and cool…that would really talk to who our core customer is.  After an in depth conversation and sending over the copy points along with some minor production notes…we waited to see what GCV could do.  We are truly amazed with what they came back with!!  What a pleasant surprise.  They proved that they truly listened to the type of message we wanted to convey and gave us a quality product that spoke directly to our core customer!!  These guys did top notch work at a very reasonable price.  We will definitely use them again for various different commercials we are going to use throughout the campaign.  If you are looking for a quality television production company that will listen to your needs and marketing objectives and come back with quality work that will address those needs, then I highly recommend calling GCV Productions.”
Michael DeLia
President, MAD Advertising