Launching v6.0

Launching v6.0

After months of planning with lots of late nights and weekends working on it, we are proud to announce v6.0!

In the 13 years GCV Productions has been in business, we’ve always maintained a website to feature our work and connect with our clients. Things have changed a lot in that time and our site is no exception.

Please take a moment to look around and tell us what you think of our new design. We have an all-new Work Samples section that gives visitors a glance at a lot of the work we do. It includes an entirely new player for our videos, both Television Commercials and Corporate Industrials. Also, for the first time we are featuring some of our Graphic Design work and Radio Ads.

Another cool feature thats new is now the site is completely mobile responsive, so if you’re on a smart phone or tablet you’ll get the same great experience as you would on the desktop.

In addition, we have a brand-new ShowReel. We wanted to sizzle things up with a quick video, that in 2 minutes, would give visitors a glance at some of the videos we’ve produced. We encourage you to check it out! We think it came out pretty cool!

Click to Play:

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Overall, we’re pretty excited about it! Please let us know what you think. Thanks for all your support over the years. Everyone here at GCV Productions really appreciates it!